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About Us and you

Deja Vu Dance Boutique was created in 2009 by a competitive dance mom. After spending thousands of dollars on dance costumes, she did some research and found that there were no dance consignment stores in the Ottawa area. With unending support and encouragement from her friends and family, Deja Vu Dance Boutique was born.

Dance costs are continually on the rise for both competitive and recreational dancers. If Deja Vu Dance Boutique can help one more dancer realize his or her passion for dance by providing low cost, gently used dancewear and costumes, that would be a great accomplishment.

Most of us have many costumes that are just taking up space in a storage closet or basement. Couldn't that space be put towards better use? Wouldn't you like to recoup some of your hard earned costume and dancewear money? It is our hope that Deja Vu Dance Boutique will help alleviate some of the costs of dance by providing high quality, used dancewear and costumes. We only accept items that meet our strict standards.

A percentage of each sale will be donated to a local charity.